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 NdlprimMane namespace
 NcoreAll Basic Operations on GPU
 NgpuGPU Related tools and classes
 NjsonThis namespace includes all JSON parsing and formatting related classes and functions
 NsolversNamespace that contains various optimizers
 CBuildErrorThrown if OpenCL kernel compilation failed
 CContextThis is main object that represent the pair of OpenCL platform and device all other objects use it
 CConvolution2DConfigBaseConvolution settings
 CErrorBase dlprim excetion
 CExecutionContextThis class is used to pass cl::Events that the kernel should wait for and/or signal event completion
 CModelBaseBase class used for loading non-native model formats to dlprimitives
 CNetMajor object used for inference
 CNotImplementedErrorThrown if some stuff is not implemented yet
 CONNXModelExternal model for loading ONNX models for inference with dlprim
 COperatorBase class for backward/forward propogation calculations for internal network
 CShapeTensor shape
 CSharedResourceResources shared by the entire network
 CTensorCentral Data Contrainer - Tensor
 CTensorAndGradientPair of tensor and its gradient for backpropogation
 CTensorSpecsDefinition of Tensor without actual memory/object
 CTimingDataClass used for benchmarking of the model
 CTypeTraits< double >
 CTypeTraits< float >
 CTypeTraits< int16_t >
 CTypeTraits< int32_t >
 CTypeTraits< int64_t >
 CTypeTraits< int8_t >
 CTypeTraits< uint16_t >
 CTypeTraits< uint32_t >
 CTypeTraits< uint64_t >
 CTypeTraits< uint8_t >
 CValidationErrorThrown in case of invalid parameters